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Property Owners

Pre-listing Services

Considering selling your home? Determining the right listing price can be difficult if you have an emotional attachment to your home, like many homeowners. We will ensure that you receive an objective valuation of your home. With the right asking price, you can attract more interested buyers. Additionally, an appraisal can be a critical negotiating tool.

Pre-listing Services

 If you're looking to purchase an unlisted home and need to know the value.

If possibly you're looking to rehabilitate a property and need to know the potential value, we can provide an appraisal subject to plans and specifications.

Second opinions of value

We can provide a field review or desk review, which take less time than a conventional full appraisal. We can also have an appraiser perform a second full appraisal of your property.

Challenge a property tax assessment

If other homes in your area have appreciated at a greater rate than your home, then the local tax assessor may have overvalued your home. The result is higher taxes than you should be paying. Having an appraisal from TRU valuations can provide you the tools needed to prove the value and ultimately save you money.